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The MV-Derbyshire Final report was published on Wednesday 8th November 2000- Executive Summary      


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The MV DERBYSHIRE, British flagged, owned and crewed, disappeared virtually without trace when the vessel became involved with Typhoon Orchid, south of Japan on about 9 September 1980. All on board, 42 crew and two wives, were lost. The DERBYSHIRE was a modern (built 1976), fully equipped and well-managed ore-bulk-oil (OBO) combination carrier. At over 90,000 gross tons she was, and remains, the largest UK ship to have ever been lost at sea.

Since the MV DERBYSHIRE was lost at sea a number of Investigations and Reports have been completed to determine the circumstances surrounding the sinking of the vessel.

After the assessors' report into the MV DERBYSHIRE surveys were completed and published on 12 March 1998; the Deputy Prime Minister ordered that the Formal Investigation be re-opened.These pages have been set up to accommodate the hearing transcripts from the MV DERBYSHIRE re-opened Formal Investigation, which commenced on 5 April 2000.

The following transcripts are available in Adobe Acrobat format for downloading. The Adobe® Acrobat Reader® can be freely downloaded. (Here)

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