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Online tools

There are a number of online tools you'll need to use throughout the exams cycle. This gives you an overview of them:

Exams management support overview

Provides a summary of exam management tools, review and development tools, Diploma tools and case studies.


The online tools include:

Access arrangements online

Enables centres to submit requests, and receive outcomes for all GCSE and GCE access arrangements quickly and efficiently online.

Exam policy generator

Generates and customises a robust exams policy to support internal processes within your centre.

Consortium exam policy generator

Generates and customises a robust exams policy to support processes within your Diploma consortium.

Exam review generator

Helps centres produce a report for senior management on exams administration activities throughout the academic year.

Exam fees estimator

Demonstrates the potential costs of making late and very late entries, and contains information on entry fees.

Examinations timetable

Creates a customised timetable that lists dates for all general qualifications exams for your centre.

Key dates calendar

Provides key dates from awarding bodies and the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and enables centres to search, filter, customise and download a complete general qualifications calendar.

Exam personal development tool

Reviews ways of working and areas for development and improvement with exams office staff.

Exam centre development tool

Reviews exams practices within your centre and identifies areas that could be improved.

Modified papers tool

Enables centres to order modified papers online. Access is available via awarding body secure extranet sites.

Last modified: 16 Sep 2010