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Local authorities

Here you can find a wide range of information and resources for local authorities involved in the national curriculum tests.

National curriculum tests resource pack

We've put together a resources pack for local authorities involved in the national curriculum tests. 

Monitoring and maladministration

Please note, we've moved the local authority information on monitoring and maladministration to the pages of the same name in the national curriculum test section.

NCA tools for local authority users

See our NCA tools info page

You may also need a copy of the Key stage 1 moderation 2009/10 - Local authority report form.

National curriculum assessments support team for local authorities

QCDA has a team of four field support managers to help local authorities in the delivery of the national curriculum assessments. The team's objectives are to: 

  • develop a full understanding of the needs of every local authority to ensure the successful delivery of key stage 2 national curriculum tests 
  • develop and maintain collaborative working relationships with local authorities 
  • encourage and enable the sharing of good practice 
  • improve QCDA's customer service to local authorities 
  • improve communications between QCDA, local authorities and schools 
  • provide support functionality across QCDA in the areas of single level tests, assessing pupils' progress and key stage 1.

What support do field support managers provide?

Field support managers will advise on assessment and reporting arrangements (ARAs) for key stage 2, online test administration tasks, access arrangements and monitoring visits. They will assist with maladministration, data collection and other assessment areas covered by QCDA. They will also: 

  • help local authorities to network with other assessment coordinators 
  • help local authorities share good practice to ensure the effective delivery of national curriculum tests 
  • support local authorities through email and phone contact as well as one-to-one visits and regional meetings 
  • provide answers for any school test administration queries that arise during the 2010 test cycle 
  • provide support in the areas of single level tests, assessing pupils' progress and key stage 1.

To contact the field support team please email LAfieldteam@qcda.gov.uk

You may also want to contact your local authority's field support manager.

Last modified: 18 Jun 2010