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Exporting - an overview

Although your business may have an established UK market, there's often no reason why it couldn't successfully compete overseas too, growing your revenue and profit.

But before you start, you need to have sound knowledge of your would-be markets. You also need to consider whether your products are right for each target market and whether you have the necessary resources to start exporting.

This guide contains basic information. For additional basic information see our section on export basics. For intermediate and detailed guidance see our section on practical exporting.

Subjects covered in this guide

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Starting up

Importing and exporting


Exporting - an overview


Current section



Planning to export?


Selling and distribution in overseas markets


Marketing your product or service overseas


Your legal responsibilities as an exporter


Transport considerations


Financial considerations


Working effectively with different cultures


Developing Your International Trade Potential


Ten key steps to successful exporting


Here's how I developed a strong export market


Here's how I kept my business profitable by exporting my products abroad (Flash video)