Public data

As part of a wider government initiative to increase transparency, DFID is working to make its non-sensitive, non-personal data more accessible to the public.

What is public data?

General examples of DFID's public data sets might include spending in individual countries or on humanitarian assistance. The data does not identify or provide ways to identify individuals, unless that information is already published.

What is DFID doing?

As a first step, we are publishing a sample of our data. We will continue to add more data to this collection. Our aim is to make all of our non-sensitive, non-personal data available in a re-usable format.

Data sources

Resource Format
Pakistan floods response: Types of UKaid funding by sector XLS

Statistics on International development 2009 

Details of DFID’s expenditure on aid and official aid provided through other government departments

- Recipient country information

- Bilateral Expenditure - Africa

- Bilateral Expenditure - Asia

- Bilateral Expenditure - Europe

- Bilateral Expenditure - Americas

- Bilateral Expenditure - Pacific







Project information
XML extract of the DFID programme information data set 

Combined Online Information System (COINS) historic spending data

Details of DFID expenditure from Treasury database

Energy and water use in DFID

Details of DFID's energy and water consumption every hour
DFID Resource accounts 2010 XLS
Details of DFID's financial statements and on how resources have been used to meet objectives.
Last updated: 24 Sep 2010