Disclosure log

You will find a selection of responses to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations here. This is not an exhaustive list of disclosures, but is intended to show the most common and interesting requests. The disclosures are arranged in four themes:

  • Corporate Performance - subjects covered include: finance, procurement, human resources, communications, information systems and information management
  • Country Programmes - this covers all of our bilateral country and regional programmes
  • International relations - subjects covered include: EU and other donor relations, multilateral relations (UN, World Bank, IMF etc) conflict, security, humanitarian emergencies and aid effectiveness
  • Policy and research - subjects covered include: science, research, health, education, governance, growth, climate change, water and sanitation, environment and civil society.

These themes reflect the organisational structure of DFID and the main areas of work we are involved in.

Last updated: 04 Jun 2010