Accession Countries

Countries in the process of joining the European Union.

Administrative Costs

DFID administrative costs include the running costs of DFID Headquarters, overseas costs of staff in agreed diplomatic posts concerned with full time aid administration, including Staff Appointed in Country employed by DFID; expenditure in respect of residual rent liability on the Chatham Maritime site arising from the terms agreed for the privatisation of DFID's former next steps agency, the Natural Resources Institute; and those elements of Foreign and Commonwealth Office and CDC Capital Partners, formerly known as Commonwealth Development Corporation, administration costs which are related to aid delivery.

Aid Untying

The ending of the practice of most donors to insist that aid is spent on goods and services from the donor country in favour of giving unrestricted access to those who can compete best on price, quality and service.


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


When donors base their overall support on partner countries’ national development strategies, institutions and procedures.