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QCDA currently offers the following email alerts


General Information:

QCDA Monthly e-Newsletter (monthly)
An overview of QCDA's work, sent out on the first Monday of each month


14-19 e-Newsletter (once every two months)
The latest information and links on 14-19 reform developments

Qualifications and Credit Framework e-Newsletter (monthly)
This e-Newsletter provides information and news on the QCF

Functional Skills e-Newsletter (once every two months)
Provides an overview of developments in functional skills


Curriculum e-Newsletter (termly)
A termly round-up of curriculum developments

Exams support:

Exams office update (monthly)
All the latest information on exams administration for exams officers

News on exam management for senior leaders (monthly)
Up-to-date news and web links for exams managers

News on exam management for stakeholders (monthly)
An overview of news and information for exams management stakeholders

National curriculum assessments

The below updates are sent to relevant parties only. If you wish to be added to either list please email assessments@qcda.gov.uk and include the name of your school or local authority and, if you are a school, your DCSF number and the key stages (key stage 1, 2 and 3) that are relevant to you.

QCDA tests update (fortnightly)
Important information on tests and examinations

QCDA link for local authorities (fortnightly)
The latest news and updates on tests for local authority