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1 QCDA Orderline: How can I download or order QCDA publications?
2 Single level tests: How do I enter pupils for single level tests?
3 Diploma aggregation service - Centre: When will I be able to see the final grade for a learner’s Diploma?
4 Diploma aggregation service - Centre: How long does a Diploma awarding body (DAB) have to respond to a Diploma claim?
5 Diploma aggregation service - Awarding Body: What happens if I don’t respond to a Diploma Claim from a Centre?
6 Will my school receive further information on the key stage 2 science sampling?
7 Diploma aggregation service - Centre: A learner has returned from a long break. How do I reactivate their learner account?
8 Functional Skills: Will assessments for functional skills be available on screen?
9 Diploma: How can I ensure my learners are on valid programmes of study?
10 What will the sampling assessment consist of?

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