Regional and local transport

The Department works in partnership with both regional and local stakeholders towards: improving access to jobs and services in ways that are sustainable, and improving public transport - reducing problems of congestion and pollution and increasing safety.

Local Authorities

DfT works with local authorities to provide safe, sustainable, and equitable access to jobs and services. Local authorities are central to integrating local transport with other regional and local policies and services, including education, health and economic development.

Winter Resilience Review

The winter of 2009-10 has been the coldest in the UK for 30 years, creating extremely challenging conditions for the travelling public across the whole of the country. For the most part, our transport networks have coped well in the circumstances. However it is important that lessons are learned in order to improve our resilience for future winters.

Commercial review of ITSO Ltd: Post Implementation Report

This document contains a review of the findings of the Department's commercial review of ITSO Ltd, the independent member-owned and operated company responsible for the provision of an open technical specification for smart ticketing

15 October 2009

Street Lighting Private Finance Initiative

The Department announced a 3rd street lighting bidding round on 27 July 2009 with the intention of allocating £440m in PFI Credits to local authority street lighting projects early in 2010. Local authority Expression of Interest (EOI) were invited on 4 September 2009, with submissions to be received by the Department by 7 December 2009.

London 2012

Information about the roads included in a designated Olympic Route Network - a network of roads to be used during the 2012 Games to provide safe, reliable transport for athletes, technical officials, media and marketing partners between venues and accommodation, critical to the Games’ success.

Regional strategy

Information about transport strategy in the regions.

Local Transport Act

Information about the Local Transport Act, including new guidance about the quality partnership schemes and the Government’s efforts to tackle congestion and improve public transport.

Local transport plan - process and initiatives

Information regarding the production of local transport plans and annual reviews; includes examples of good practice, technical guidance, accessibility planning, major schemes, performance indicators and details of all annual capital settlements to date.


Best practice and policy guidance for bus and coach operators; including licensing and registration, concession fares, tackling anti-social behaviour and criminal damage, and explanations of the various grants available to operators.

Local and light rail

Information of relevance for local authorities with regard to local rail schemes, including London Underground.


Licensing policies and regulations for taxis and private hire services, including accessibility issues.

Policy and research

Key strategy documents and research articles, including 'Transport 2010: meeting the local transport challenge'.

Transport Assessments

Guidance on the process of transport assessments.

Funding transport infrastructure for strategically significant developments

Developer contribution guidelines - providing principles for discussions between developers and Government for co-funding supporting transport infrastructure to strategically important developments such as ports and airports. The guidance provides clarity on the circumstances in which developers are expected to pay for infrastructure, and circumstances in which a cost-sharing arrangement may be reached.


Terms used in the Regional and Local transport section.

08 April 2005

Email contacts

Email addresses for the bus enquiries.

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