Business tackles climate change

Many businesses have joined citizens and Government in the battle to combat climate change. Read about ACT ON CO2’s brand partners and how your own firm can reduce its CO2 emissions

What business is doing


Partnership case studies

Tesco and Asda describe the steps they are taking to make their businesses more environmentally friendly.

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Businesslink.gov.uk helps your business save time and money by giving you instant access to clear, simple, and trustworthy information.

In the site’s ‘Environment & efficiency’ section you’ll find advice on: how to improve your business’ environmental performance; sustainability in business; and pollution control.


Factory cooling towers

The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust’s mission is to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy, by working with organisations to reduce carbon emissions now and develop commercial low carbon technologies for the future.

If your organisation needs expert advice, finance and accreditation to help cut carbon emissions, or if you would like to explore how the Trust could help you develop new low carbon technologies, visit the Carbon Trust website.


Partnership case studies

Major retailers see importance of reducing carbon footprint to help tackle climate change.