Some change is unavoidable

We face unavoidable climate change effects for the next 30 years due to the CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other greenhouse gases which we have already emitted, and so we need to adapt to the inevitable consequences

We can still make a difference

The scale of the climate change effect beyond 2040 is avoidable if we reduce our energy demands and cut CO2 emissions now

We must act now

If we continue to emit CO2 and other greenhouse gases as we have been we face devastating climate change effects. Extreme weather patterns are projected, including average summer temperatures up to four degrees hotter within our children’s lifetimes

Man-made emissions very likely the cause

Climate change is not just another natural process. Since industrialisation, man-made CO2 has increased significantly and is the very likely cause of the warming and, in some cases, extreme weather conditions, we have seen over the last 50 years

Climate change: the facts

Rocky coastline

Rising temperatures and the greenhouse effect

How the greenhouse effect has raised the Earth’s average temperature and the change this has already caused to the climate.


Climate change myths and misconceptions

‘It’s too late to stop climate change’. ‘I can’t possibly make a difference’. Why the most enduring climate change myths are wrong.

Flooded road

The effect of climate change on the UK 

The threat to our country from dangerous heat waves, floods, wildfires and droughts are significantly increased by climate change.


The global effects of climate change

Around the globe climate change will affect rainfall patterns, cause snow and ice to melt and affect the intensity of extreme weather.


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Change how the
story ends

It’s our children who’ll suffer if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions

Met Office interactive map

‘Effects of climate change’ map

See what might happen if the Earth warms by 4°C above the pre-industrial climate average with the Met Office’s interactive climate change map.