Compare CO2 emissions, road tax and fuel costs for new cars

Use the following four tools to find the CO2 emissions and fuel costs of new and used cars.

Are you buying a new car?

1. ACT ON CO2 new car make and model search

Use this tool to compare the fuel costs and CO2 emissions of new cars. Just enter the make, model and fuel type of the car you're interested in.

2. ACT ON CO2 new car What Car? top 10 tool

Find the most fuel efficient, and so lowest CO2-emitting, new car with the help of the ACT ON CO2 search tool, created in association with What Car?

Simply select the category (supermini, small family, executive and so on), fuel type and gearbox that meet your needs, hit submit, and you’ll be returned the 10 most fuel efficient cars in the category.


Are you buying a used car?

3. Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) used car make and model search

To find out the CO2 emissions of a used car enter the vehicle registration date, manufacturer and model.

4. Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) used car search by selected CO2 range

Use this tool to find used cars that have CO2 emissions within a certain range.


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