Remember. Redeuce. Reuse. Recycle.

Cutting waste doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices. A low waste lifestyle can mean less carbon emissions and be good for your pocket.

Remember. Reduce Reuse Recycle


Waste watching

Simple waste-reducing actions can end our reliance on landfill, and make a big dent in our carbon emissions.

Colored recycling bins

Reusing and recycling

Just because you don’t want something any more, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.

"Remember. Reuse us on every shopping trip." written on carrier bags

Remember your bags

Our intentions may be good when it comes to reusing bags, but remembering to take them with us when we shop can be a bit more tricky.


Reduce clothing waste

Reducing what you buy, then throw away, is a fashion statement that can help fight climate change.

Socket on

Reduce electrical waste

If wires are taking over your house and gadgets are getting out of control, there is a better way.

Green apple, eaten

Reduce food waste

Reducing food waste starts with planning and some simple ideas to waste not, but want not.

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