Change how the story ends

Together, the actions we take every day create more than 40% of the UK’s CO2 emissions. Find out what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint

Change how the story ends


Climate change:
the facts

Some climate change is unavoidable, but if we act now, the scale of the effects are avoidable.


Climate change myths and misconceptions

The truth behind some of the most widely held misunderstandings that surround climate change.

Rocky coastline

Rising temperatures and the greenhouse effect

The causes of rising temperatures and how the Earth has already warmed.


The effect of climate change on the UK

Our weather is already changing, and how life could be very different 25 years from now.

Tree in heat-haze

The global effects of
climate change

How changes to the world’s weather could profoundly affect millions of people around the globe.


What you can do

Every action, no matter where it is taken, will make a difference. Read about how to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Change how the
story ends

It’s our children who’ll suffer if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions