SITPRO Simplifying International Trade

SITPRO Simplifying International Trade

Purpose of the Consultation

SITPRO is currently reviewing its suite of aligned international trade paper documents with a view to publishing an update in 2009.

Whether you are a SITPRO Licensee, trade association, business organisation or user of SITPRO documents, we should be grateful for your considered views on each of the questions you consider pertinent to your operations.

Responses can be submitted electronically by completing the survey on this website. or by downloading and completing the consultation document (Word Document - 261KB) and sending it back to us:

Graham Bartlett
Policy Director
1st Floor Kingsgate House
66 – 74 Victoria Street

Responses should be sent so as to be received by SITPRO no later than 31 October 2008.


In 1965 the UK launched a series of official and trade documents aligned to the United Nations Layout Key (UNLK) for Trade Documents. Following its inception, SITPRO extended and supplemented the series during the 1970s and published a compendium of the documents, known as TOPFORM, in 1987. An updated version of this publication, TOPFORM2 , was introduced in 1992.

Inevitably, the world has moved on since 1992. Where once there were over 60 licensed documents there are now only 30. Technology has also changed, and is still changing – in particular, the rapid spread of the PC into the business environment, the introduction of laptops and handheld computers, and more recently new paperless e-customs and e-trading (e-business) business models. While we believe e-business has had some effect on the demand for paper documents we believe there will undoubtedly remain a demand for paper documents for many years to come especially among small and medium sized enterprises.

SITPRO is now embarking on work aimed at producing the next generation of SITPRO documents, which we aim to publish in 2009.

This consultation sets out to confirm the continued usefulness of SITPRO documents and quantify the demand for them now and in the future. The consultation seeks to establish which documents, whether existing or new, should be in the updated suite, and their format. We are also taking this opportunity to consult on the way in which SITPRO documents are supplied and on the operation of the 'new' licensing arrangements for printers and software providers of SITPRO documents introduced in 2006.

If you have any questions about the review please do not hesitate to contact Nina Wilkins, SITPRO's International Trade Adviser (Tel: 020 7215 8121; E-mail:

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