SITPRO Simplifying International Trade

International transactions contain many pitfalls. Make a simple mistake with customs clearance and the transactions can be subject to delays in payment or wastage of human or financial resources.

Sustained international trading success calls for investment in the skills and expertise necessary to master international trade procedures and to get the documentation right.

SITPRO manages the UK Aligned Series of Export documents, designed to simplify international trading paperwork, and licenses a network of approved suppliers to produce and supply the standard forms, computer software and laser systems to create them.

The series contains standard commercial, transport, banking, insurance and official forms.

Originally produced from formsets or by plastic overlays and photocopiers, companies have increasingly turned to computer systems and laser printers to fulfil this function.

Why are businesses opting to use aligned documents? Simply, they are doing so because they are achieving significant cost savings through the benefits of the system. Aligned documents are:

As a result:

These benefits are not just for businesses, they also extend to the regulatory authorities. Documents are far simpler to check - common information appears in the standard positions on all forms - this is particularly helpful where a document is completed in a foreign language.

A wide range of software is available for use by exporters. These can be single or multi-user, operated as stand-alone or linked to other in-house software applications. The various packages cover a range of other export requirements besides providing the basic documentation easily, quickly and efficiently.

The latest evolution of the UK Aligned Series of Export Documents is UNeDocsUK, a fully integrated set of standards for producing international trade documents using Paper, EDI and XML.