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Background Information

A46/A607 Hobby Horse Roundabout Junction Improvement

Background to the Improvement

The roundabout, known locally as the "Hobby Horse Roundabout", was constructed as part of the A46 Leicester Western Bypass and was fully opened in November 1995. Prior to this Leicester County Council had completed the A607 Syston Northern Bypass, opened in October 1992 to relieve Syston of through traffic.

Since the opening of the A46 Bypass, the volume of traffic using the roundabout has increased at a much higher rate than predicted. This has resulted in traffic queuing on the A46 north approach to the roundabout during the morning peak, and on the A607 south approach during the evening peak.

The existing roundabout does not have the capacity to cope with the volume of traffic now using it and this has caused the congestion.

Need for the Scheme

Because of queuing on the A46 during the morning peak, an increasing number of drivers avoid the roundabout by leaving and re-joining the bypass via other roads in the vicinity. This has resulted in some traffic diverting onto less suitable routes through Syston.

Similarly during the evening peak, because of the queuing on the A607, some drivers are using less suitable routes, including through Syston Town centre. The existing layout of the junction is also causing problems for some vehicles in negotiating the roundabout. This is particularly so for vehicles making the two-lane right turn from the A46 north to the Leicester Western Bypass.

Drivers can also experience difficulty leaving the roundabout on the A46 northbound carriageway where vehicles in the offside lane have to contend with faster vehicles in the nearside free flowing lane.