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The Spending Challenge – rating now closed!

The Spending Challenge asked members of the public to help shape the way government works. We need to reduce the deficit by cutting public spending in a way that is fair and responsible - and you have responded.

Over the past month, you’ve submitted more than 45,000 ideas via this website and registered over 250,000 votes. Thousands of you have helped sort these ideas by reading through and rating the ideas we’ve received.

Rating ideas...

Over the last couple of weeks, we asked you to look through the ideas we’ve had, and rate the ones you thought had the potential to save money while impacting least on public services by rating the idea from 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent).

We asked you to help pick out ideas that could be implemented quickly to help to make savings, deliver services more efficiently and get more from less.

You can see the results of the last two weeks of voting by reading through the pages on this site, selecting a tag and opting to sort the ideas by highest rated.

What next...

We’ll leave the site open for the next couple of weeks so that people can look through the ideas received and see how people have voted. Meanwhile, we’re reviewing the ideas with the most potential and investigating them in further detail to see if and how they could be taken forward for the Spending Review on 20th October. A number of ideas may have the potential to deliver efficiencies over the longer term, so we will continue to review these over the next few months.

Please note: these are the ideas of individuals who’ve submitted responses to the Spending Challenge, not the views of the UK Government. If you see anything on here that you think is offensive or inappropriate, please flag this content immediately and we will remove it asap if it does not comply with our moderation policy. We’ve also tried to ensure no personal information is published here – if you find any ideas which contain personal information such as names, mobile phone numbers, addresses please notify us. Please note, due to the large number of ideas we have received we are not able to answer queries on specific ideas and posts.