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Review of Renewable Energy Potential

The Partnership Board commissioned Land Use Consultants and Thames Valley Energy in 2010 to undertake a review of the potential for renewable energy development in the South East.  The research was funded by DECC and involved applying the methodology that it developed to ensure that all regional assessments followed a consistent approach.  The work was intended to inform the Regional Strategy. Due to the revocation of RSS and ending of regional planning, the reports have been tailored as far as possible to be useful to planning authorities in developing their own assessments and evidence base for local policy.
pdf Renewable and decentralised energy potential in the South East - 3 MB
pdf Appendicies - 2 MB

Decentralised and Renewable Energy Workshop

The Partnership Board held four events in May 2010 attended by over 150 participants addressing low carbon, decentralised and renewable energy. Presentations from the day are available here:

Morning session - Decentralised heat and Combined Heat and Power

These reviewed work undertaken by Beyond Waste, RPS and Thames Valley Energy in 2009 identifying the major opportunities in the region for development of decentralised heat networks, based on assessments of potential demand and supply (see our publications and research page for the reports). 

pdf David Payne (Partnership Board) - 56 KB
pdf Alan Potter (Beyond Waste) - 434 KB
pdf Michael King (Combined Heat and Power Association) - 4.4 MB
pdf Michael Beech (TV Energy) - 2.5 MB 

Afternoon session - Renewable energy assessment

Land Use Consultants and Thames Valley Energy, on behalf of the Partnership Board, are undertaking a new assessment of the potential for renewable energy in the region, using funding from DECC to apply its new methodology.  

pdf David Payne (Partnership Board) - 1 MB
pdf Sarah Young (Land Use Consultants) - 2.3 MB
pdf Keith Richards (TV Energy) - 4.4 MB
pdf Gabriel Berry (TV Energy) - 1.3 M