Quad Charts

If you require technical advice, prior to submitting a proposal using a online portal, you have the option to fill out a Quad Chart, however this is not a mandatory step. A Quad Chart is a single page document where you are invited to fill out the key points of your idea in order for the CDE to provide feedback. You should note, however, that Quad Chart feedback cannot provide an assurance that a formal proposal will be accepted by the MOD. The four questions to be addressed by a Quad Chart are as follows:

Operational Capability (What will your idea do - technology independent)

Describe how your idea will provide new or enhanced operational capability to MOD (Picture and/or diagram if applicable).

Proposed Technical Approach (How will you do it?)

  • What will be your approach to deliver your idea?
  • Describe tasks to be performed
  • Describe previous related work
  • Describe any related ongoing effort

Rough order of magnitude cost and schedule (What resources do you need and what for?)

  • Detail any milestone decision points that will be required
  • Describe length of programme and total costs
  • If there are phases, provide funding per phase

Deliverables: include all hardware, reports, drawings, plans, etc

Company/university/individual description and significant relationships

  • Company/university/individual description (eg SME etc)
  • Lead contact (name and role)
  • Contact details
  • Collaborators (if any)

Previous contact with MOD

A link to a blank Quad Chart Template can be found here.

A link to a Quad Chart Worked Example that has been filled in can be found here

Quad charts are to be e-mailed to CDE at science@mod.uk