Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Common queries:

Below you will find common queries, click a query to jump to a relevant answer.

1. Where can I get help on using this framework?  

Download the User Help Guide for more information on how to get the most out of using this framework.

2. How do I access the site?

To access the site your organisation needs to nominate a lead for each Productive. An individual can be registered as a lead for more than one productive.

Once you have a registered lead they can set up users for your organisation, as long as these individuals are already registered users of the main NHS Institute website.

3. Will my data be shared with others?  

The NHS Institute will use your data to create anonymised impact reports at SHA and national level. Identifiable data will only be shared publicly with your permission, for example within promotional case studies.

You do have the option to share your data voluntarily with any other organisation who are registered users of the framework.

4. Do I have to use all the impact areas for each module we  implement?  

Not all modules will lend themselves to having measures for all of the impact areas.

The idea is that you complete the areas that are relevant, these are then pulled together to produce the whole impact picture.

5. Is there a framework for Productive Leader and The Productive Operating Theatre?  

The Productive Leader and Productive Operating Theater elements will be added to the framework, over the next few months.

6. Who do I contact if the User Help Guide or FAQs do not answer my query?  

Please contact us on productivesimpact@institute.nhs.uk and we will deal with your query as promptly as possible.