Case studies

PCS.jpgThere are a number of case studies available to read from organisations that are using Productive Community Services. 




Case Study 1 - Harnessing knowledge and skills to improve quality
Southampton Community Healthcare used the Knowing How We Are Doing module from the Productive Community Service programme to improve not only quality of care but also patient experience and staff morale.

Implementing the programme increased productivity thanks to an inclusive approach in which every member of the team had a say in the decision making process. Download Case Study 1 information Download Case Study 1 information (48.41 KB).
Case Study 2 - Innovation and improvement driven by frontline staff
NHS Bolton implemented Patient Status at a Glance module - This module helps staff build a visual display of vital patient and team information. It allows teams to accelerate their decision making, review patient status, constantly monitor team workload and reduce interruptions. It enabled the teams reflect on what they learnt and make changes to current practice. The therapy team consists of four physiotherapists, six occupational therapists, and five therapy instructors. Download Case Study 2 information Download Case Study 2 information (48.50 KB)

Case Study 3 - Thinking differently about the way we work

NHS Calderdale currently serves 198,500 people and this due to rise to 218,000 in 2016. With the teams struggling to manage the current demand, they used the Planning Our Workload module to focus on re-organising their work management so that they could both deliver quality services to all their clients and increase productivity. Download Case Study 3 information Download Case Study 3 information (47.53 KB). Case Study 4 - Empowering your workforce to be champions of change
Coventry Community Health Services also implemented the Productive Community Services programme. The process underpinned their strategic aims and direction to improve service efficiency and delivery, the patient experience and ultimately the health of the local population. This programme enables staff to make improvements to their service area, adding value to the patient's experience by allowing staff to spend more time on direct patient care. Download Case Study 4 information Download Case Study 4 information (49.72 KB)

Case Study 5 - Engaging teams in a systematic way

Nottinghamshire Community Health wanted its community-based services to adhere to the standards of the modern NHS agenda to offer choice and good value for money. The organisation is using Productive Community Services programme to increase productivity (crucial in the current financial climate), quality of care and importantly, capacity to respond better to the needs of commissioners. Download Case Study 5 information Download Case Study 5 information (48.63 KB).