Productive Ward

Case studies

 The Productive Ward case studies show how NHS organisations have implemented the programme in various specialist areas and the benefits it has created for their staff and patients.  The inspirational stories below provide a valuable insight into how specialist teams have used tools and techniques from the programme to deliver real improvements in patient care, efficiency and productivity.

Issue 1: The Productive Ward and Paediatrics – Wolverhampton New Cross Hospital
Case study ISSUE 1Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital first implemented The Productive Ward on it’s Paediatrics unit.  The programme helped the unit to increase the direct care time it delivered to patients and their families from 21% to 35%, as well as significantly reducing time staff spent in motion from 100 minutes per shift to just 20 minutes. 

Download the first issue of The Productive Times (The Productive Times 345.56 KB) for Wolverhampton's New Cross Hospital.

Issue 2: The Productive Ward and Maternity – Kingston Hospital NHS Trust

The Productive Times - KingstoneThe Postnatal ward in the maternity unit at Kingston Hospital NHS Trust used The Productive Ward to reduce staff interruptions by 50% per shift.  It helped the team to improve the layout of it’s ward environment and the quality of information it made available to mothers, to enable them to be more independent during their stay. 

Download the second issue of The Productive Times (The Productive Times 603.41 KB) for Kingston Hospital NHS Trust.

Issue 3: The Productive Ward and Maternity – Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust

Issue 3 of The Productive TimesWalsall Hospitals NHS Trust implemented The Productive Ward on its antenatal wards, which led to service improvements that benefitted both its mothers and staff.  By redesigning their ward rounds they have been able to release four out of five of their doctors from daily catch-ups. 

Download the second issue of  The Productive Times     (The Productive Times 462.62 KB) for Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust.

If you have implemented The Productive Ward in a specialist department and would like to share your story, please email us.