Implementation support from the NHS Institute

Many of you asked us about extra steps you can take to gain maximum benefit from our improving patient pathway tools. In response we now offer a number of bespoke support packages, developed in collaboration with NHS commissioners.

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Support packages available


Innovation for Commissioners

A two day programme that enables you to innovatively re-think care and service delivery pathways, using Thinking Differently and Commissioning to Make a Bigger Difference.

Supports world class commissioning competency 8

Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities

The programme will help you to develop an evidence-based portfolio of local commissioning projects using Opportunity Locator and Priority Selector.

Supports world class commissioning competencies 2, 3, 4 and 6

Soon to be available for Practice Based Commissioners

Commissioning Patient Pathways

During this one day workshop, we’ll help you work on existing challenges you face when implementing patient pathways. 

Supports world class commissioning competencies 8 and 10

Project Delivery for Commissioners

Specifically designed for NHS improvement projects, use our robust evidence-based approach to successfully manage your projects.

Supports world class competency 8

Currently being updated to incorporate programme management