Annual income up to £10,000

Income of up to £10,000

Charities in this income range are asked to send us:

Annual Update
  • Part A – Charity information

loginto complete your Annual Update


Part A - Charity Information 

This information forms part of the charity's entry on the Register, and includes key areas such as contact and trustee details as well as income and expenditure. Our guidance on preparing Part A provides more information.

Charities whose annual income does not exceed £5,000 do not have to register with us. However, small charities which have registered with us are asked to complete an Annual Update to meet the legal obligation to update their Register details and to confirm that they are still operating.

All registered charities must prepare a Trustees’ Annual Report (TAR) and accounts and make copies available to the public, but legislation put in place to reduce the administrative burden on small charities means that charites in the income range up to £10,000 do not have to send them to us.

Our guidance on preparing Trustees' Annual Reports and accounts provides more information. 

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