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What can I do?

Advice and support on sustainable development

This part of the website is intended to provide advice and support on sustainable development that is relevant to you. We have targeted the information relative to your role in society, whether a householder, member of the community, local government practitioner or private sector worker. Hopefully the following pages will provide a useful starting point to finding the help and support you need.

Follow the links for advice & support:

  • for householders, including advice on energy, water, waste, food, tourism and travel.
  • for business, innovators and other organisations, including advice on making your organisation more sustainable and developing sustainable technologies and services, please visit the government’s Business Link website or alternatively the Sustainability at Work.
  • on education, including advice for teachers, parents and students.
  • for your community, including information on how your community can make a difference and the 'Together We Can Secure the Future' programme.
  • for regional bodies
  • for local government.

Also in this section:   


Directgov is the Government’s main public-facing website bringing together ‘everyday’ information and services in one place. It includes a section on the environment and greener living.

Business Link

Businesses’ online gateway to government support, providing action focused guidance, facilitating transactions and signposting businesses to the services and assistance available to help them grow and prosper; serving all businesses from start-up to succession. Find out more.

Updated: 5 February 2009

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