Monday, 24 May 2010


The Productive Leader Executive Leader Guide – Version 2 out now!
Productive Leader HouseIn the current NHS climate, the need to drive efficiency and productivity makes The Productive Leader programme more relevant than ever. The Executive Leader Guide is an invaluable resource for any leader wanting to learn more about how to improve quality, drive efficiency and spread best practice throughout the organisation.  



In this guide discover:

•    the new introduction from Helen Bevan, Chief of Service Transformation at the NHS Institute
•    how The Productive Leader can benefit you and your staff
•    how to deliver the programme for maximum impact
•    what resources, in terms of time and expertise are needed
•    what commitment you and your staff need to make
•    what simple steps you can take to start the programme.

The guide is not part of the Productive Leader box set, and can be ordered separately or downloaded from the webpage.