Productive Ward

The Productive Ward sharing space - restricted access 

This has been set up as a precursor to the NHS Institute’s NHSConnect, an interactive website currently in development which will allow NHS staff to ‘share, find and connect’ in real time and in a much more direct way.

How to access this restricted area

Step 1. LOGIN Log in to your NHS Institute website account or register (NHS England staff only). 

Step 2. REGISTERBefore you can get access to The Productive Ward sharing space you need to give us some further information about yourself.  This is a one off process. Click here to complete the form. 

Step 3. ACCESS SHARING SPACE Once you have registered and logged in you can click on the boxes in The Productive Ward image, below, to start sharing.   Start with the 'Project Leader's Guide' link first.

The Productive Ward Well Organised Ward Knowing How we are Doing Medicines Patient Hygiene Patient Status at a Glance Shift Handover Patient Observations Admissions and planned discharge Meals Nursing Procedures Project management Ward Round


The information below, along with frequently asked questions, top tips and documents, have been developed by NHS organisations who are implementing The Productive Ward and have kindly agreed to share their learning with us.

We aim to continue adding to this area as more organisations contact us with information.  If you have a question which we have not answered below please ask us – it’s highly likely that you’re not the only person trying to find the answer!

Like The Productive Ward programme we have worked through a PDSA cycle to create this space so any suggestions for improvement, additions or amendments will be gratefully received.  We hope you will find the information below useful.  

If you or your teams have any information you feel would be useful to share with other NHS organisations, please contact us at
Releasing Time to Care networks
East Midlands SHA
Further information and presentations from network events can be found at

North West SHA
Please contact Chris Wike at if you are from the North West SHA and interested in getting involved in this network.