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Process and Timetable

The Policy Review was announced by the Prime Minister in October 2006. He established six Working Groups to examine the the long term, cross–cutting policy challenges.

  1. Economic Dynamism
  2. Environment and Energy
  3. Public Services
  4. Security, Crime and Justice
  5. The Role of the State
  6. Britain in the World

Working Group meetings have been chaired by the Prime Minster and attended by members of the Cabinet. The strand of work focusing on Economic Dynamism is steered by the full Cabinet, with the Economic Affairs, Productivity and Competitiveness (EAPC) Committee following up with more detailed work.

Each working group has been looking at the long–term trends likely to impact on their policy areas and come up with solutions to the new challenges identified.

20 Cabinet level sessions covering the 6 strands have been held over the 20 week period of the review, with 62 substantive policy papers drafted specifically for the Review.

Alongside these Cabinet–level meetings, 16 seminars led by Ministers below Cabinet level took place across government looking at issues around the 6 themes. Including host ministers the total number of attendees at the seminars was 246, with 26 non–ministerial presenters including researchers, academics and policy makers.

A list of these Ministerial seminars along with a summary of their discussion [PDF, 4 pages, 112KB] was published on 19th February. A summary of the emerging themes [PDF, 31 pages, 458KB] from those meetings was also presented to the Prime Minister at Downing Street on 19 February.

A public engagement strand of the Policy Review ran between January and March 2007, giving a representative group of the population the opportunity to contribute directly, debating key issues around the future of public services. Five Citizens Forums were held around the country in February 2007 with a final Citizens Summit at Downing Street on 3 March.

The full Cabinet met to discuss the findings from the public engagement strand and from the Policy Review Working Groups on 8th March at an extended meeting at Lancaster House.