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Britain in the World

Britain's foreign policy is focussed on protecting and promoting the UK's interests abroad and at home - defending our security and enhancing our prosperity.

In this rapidly globalising world, the UK has a major stake in ensuring that the international community responds effectively to the challenges of the 21st century. We believe our interests are best pursued in a world in which countries share progressive principles and values, and in which governments work together peacefully on the basis of international law. That is why we have a foreign policy that is values-driven, activist and multilateralist. Britain has played a key - and often a driving - role in major international achievements in the last decade.

In the decades to come, we will need to commit to continued international engagement and promotion of our values as the best way of ensuring security at home. We need to work with our allies and partners vigorously to promote democracy, justice, freedom and human rights. To achieve this we need to: