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Study of the EU regulatory agencies

12 March 2007

The Better Regulation Commission (BRC) has embarked on a study of the EU regulatory agencies. The study will consider the work of the agencies and their influence on the regulatory landscape. There has been an increased focus on better regulation in the major EU institutions in recent years – we want to explore the extent to which better regulation principles are embedded in the way the agencies operate and look at the agencies' involvement in the better regulation agenda. We will work with organisations from other member states to explore how EU agencies interact with their national equivalents.

The study will examine a selection of agencies, covering a range of sectors, responsibilities and powers. We aim to highlight best practice and, if appropriate, draw attention to areas where better regulation principles and tools could improve the quality of agency influenced regulation.

The Better Regulation Commission listens to and represents views from a variety of stakeholders and we would like to hear from anyone who would like to contribute to this study. We aim to publish our report in the autumn and would appreciate submissions from any interested parties. Please contact the secretariat at:

Nick Mawhinney
Better Regulation Commission Secretariat
Kirkland House
22 Whitehall

Tel: 020 7276 2266