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Simplification plans

In March 2005, the Better Regulation Commission - the independent champions of better regulation - recommended that each government department prepare simplification plans. This exercise has involved measuring the administrative burdens imposed by bureaucracy, setting a target to reduce these burdens and identifying specific actions to deliver this reduction.

The government, having accepted this recommendation, asked the BRC to act as the independent reviewer of the plans. For this first year, each plan has been assessed separately for its credibility, ambition, quantification and deliverability. Emphasis will shift to the delivery and impact of promised measures in future years.

The programme has identified administrative burdens of around £14 billion and the government has committed to reduce these burdens by 25% or £3.5 billion. To date, measures to deliver £2 billion of this target have been identified. The BRC opinion of each individual simplification plan can be found below.

The Commission's independent assessment of simplification plans: