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Scrutiny of simplification plans

What are simplification plans?

In response to the Better Regulation Task Force report 'Less is More' government departments, agencies and regulators are developing forward plans. These should reduce regulatory burdens and secure a smarter regulatory environment through:

Examples of simplification include:

What is the aim of simplification plans?

Success will be achieved if the proposed measures deliver a net reduction of administrative costs and a real, tangible decrease in regulatory burdens that matter most to stakeholders.

The aim is to maintain proper limits to protect rights and standards while:

What is the Commission's view on simplification plans?

The Commission has been asked to provide independent scrutiny of the simplification programme. We are asking the following four questions of each plan:

How can I get involved?

Please do not hesitate to email the Commission if you would like to discuss our role or views on simplification plans.

If you would like to make a simplification proposal then we encourage you to visit: