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Risk, Responsibility, Regulation: Whose Risk Is It Anyway?

“Risk, Responsibility, Regulation: Whose Risk Is It Anyway?” report cover

Our national attitude to risk is becoming defensive and disproportionate; the way we try to manage risk is leading to regulatory overkill. There is an over reliance on Government to manage all risks yet it is neither possible nor desirable to control every risk in life. Personal responsibility and trust must be encouraged. Britain must safeguard its sense of adventure, enterprise and competitive edge.

This report recommends a public debate about the management of risk involving individual citizens and the media but specifically calls for clear and unambiguous leadership from government to:

  1. Change our national approach to risk.
  2. Empower individuals to take more personal responsibility for risk.
  3. Provide high quality training in risk management for Ministers and senior civil servants.
  4. Establish FARO (the Fast Assessment of Regulatory Options) an independent, ad hoc panel for expert, dispassionate, evidence–based examination of urgent calls for government intervention.

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