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The Government announced in Budget 2005 that it would establish a Better Regulation Commission (BRC) to provide independent advice to government, from business and other external stakeholders, about new regulatory proposals and about the Government's overall regulatory performance. The Commission will continue the challenge role carried out by the Better Regulation Task Force, as well as take on new responsibilities following the announcements in Budget 2005, including vetting departmental plans for simplification and administrative burden reduction.

Terms of Reference

The Better Regulation Commission is an independent advisory body whose terms of reference are:

'To advise the Government on action to:

The work of the Commission will include:

The scope of the work carried out by the Commission will cover the private sector, public sector, voluntary sector and EU regulatory issues.


The Commission will continue the Better Regulation Task Force tradition of researching and publishing studies of particular regulatory issues. Anyone can suggest topics for new studies. Once a subject has been chosen, these reviews are taken forward by sub-groups of Commission members who set their own working methods and priorities.

As an advisory group with limited resources, the Commission cannot carry out full consultation, but all sub-groups discuss their proposals with key organisations and individuals, as well as with Ministers and Government Departments. All reports are endorsed by the full Commission before being sent to the relevant Ministers for their response. The Prime Minister has asked Ministers to respond to Commission reports within 60 days of publication.

Better Regulation Commission members

There are currently 15 independent and voluntary members of the Better Regulation Commission. The members come from a variety of backgrounds including business, the public sector, the voluntary sector and trade unions. All members are recruited for their expertise in a particular area. You can view the biographies of our current Commission members: