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In addition to publishing detailed reports, the Commission also influences current policy initiatives and proposals across government as they arise. The Commission has intervened on issues as diverse as data protection and exposure to hand-arm vibration; asylum seekers and the environment; care for the elderly and the work-life balance; and head on beer and kneeling buses.

The Commission and the Task Force's responses to recent government consultations are shown in the table below.

Government Consultations
Submission Date Task Force/Commission Response Issuing Body
16 October 2006 Revising the Regulatory Impact Assessment: A Consultation [PDF 90KB]Annex - response to questions in the consultation on revising RIAs [PDF 14KB] Better Regulation Executive [External website]
23 December 2005 Turning the Tables: Transforming School Food [PDF 125KB] DfES  [External website]

24 May 2005

Work and Families  [MS Word 32KB, 3 pages]Annex 1[MS Word 32KB, 2 pages] DTI  [External website]
1 June 2005 Company Law Reform White Paper [MS Word 42KB, 3 pages] DTI  [External website]
14 April 2004 Enforcement Process Review [MS Word 115KB, 2 pages] Financial Services Authority [External website]
4 June 2004 Regulatory Framework for Legal Services [PDF 115KB, 3 pages] Legal Services Review [External website]
12 March 2004 Director and auditor liability [MS Word 25KB, 2 pages] DTI  [External website]
5 November 2003 High Performance Workplaces [MS Word 28KB, 2 pages DTI  [External website]
5 November 2003 The Code of Practice on Consultation [MS Word 41KB, 4 pages] Cabinet Office
30 October 2003 Dispute Resolution Draft Regulations [MS Word 23KB, 2 pages] DTI  [External website]
3 October 2003 'Equality and Diversity: Age Matters' [MS Word 30KB, 3 pages] DTI  [External website]
September 2003 Raising the audit exemption threshold [MS Word 21KB, 1 page] DTI  [External website]
July 2003 Housing Benefit Sanctions and Anti-Social Behaviour [MS Word 31KB, 2 pages] DWP ­ Consultation documents 2003 [External website]
30 June 2003 Accounting for People Task Force [MS Word 22KB, 2 pages] DTI ­ Accounting for People [External website]
April 2003 Simplifying the Taxation of Pensions [MS Word 23KB, 2 pages] HMT  [External website]
27 March 2003 Simplicity, security and choice: Working and saving for retirement [MS Word 32KB, 4 pages] DWP ­ Simplicity, security and choice [External website]
14 March 2003 Higgs review and the Combined Code [MS Word 60KB, 3 pages] DTI ­ Independent Review of Non-Executive Directors [External website]
27 January 2003 Regulating Insurance Mediation [MS Word 22KB, 1 page] HMT ­ Regulating Insurance Mediation [External website]
19 December 2002 Regulatory Regime of the Accountancy Profession [MS Word 27KB, 2 pages] DTI ­ Post Enron Initiatives [External website]
09 December 2002 Discussion Paper on Employment Status [MS Word 21KB, 2 pages] DTI ­ Discussion Paper on Employment Status [External website]
04 December 2002 Reform of Fire Safety Regulation [MS Word 23KB, 2 pages] ODPM ­ Fire [External website]
22 November 2002 Entitlement Cards and Identity Fraud [MS Word 22KB, 2 pages] Home Office [External website]
6 November 2002 Investment Research ­ Conflicts and other issues ­ Discussion Paper 15 [MS Word 29KB, 2 pages] FSA ­ DP15: Investment research ­ Conflicts & other issues [External website]
24 October 2002 Consultation on Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill [MS Word 26KB, 1 page] Department of Health [External website]
24 October 2002 Care Homes for Older People and Younger Adults - Proposed Amended Environmental Standards [MS Word 27KB, 2 pages] Department of Health [External website]
8 October 2002 Consultation on flexible working provisions [MS Word 31KB, 4 pages] DTI ­ Working Parents [External website]
18 September 2002 Better Policy Making & Regulatory Impact Assessment: Draft Guidance [MS Word 31KB, 3 pages] Cabinet Office ­ Code of Practice on Consultation

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