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 Review Group Papers
GCR1 - Terms of Reference and Membership of the Review
GCR2 - What is the Government Information Communication Service
GCR3 - Government Communications: The History since May 1997
GCR4 - Oral evidence to the Committee on Standards in Public Life
GCR5 - Organisation and Management of Professional Specialists Group
GCR6 - Desk Research
GCR7 - What is the Central Office of Information?
GCR8 - Key Issues and Questions
Qualitative Research  
At the outset of the Review, the Committee asked the COI to summarise any existing quantitative or qualitative research on the views of the general public on government communications in the widest sense. This was supplemented by our own qualitative research, carried out by Opinion Leader Research, through COI. We considered it essential to understand what the public thought about the issues and what influenced its views, in either a positive or a negative sense.


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