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 Review Group Members

The composition of the Review Group is:

Chairman Robert Phillis

Chief Executive, Guardian Media Group plc

Members Colin Browne

Partner, The Maitland Consultancy

Michael Goold

Director, Ashridge Strategic Management Centre

David Hill*

Managing Director, Good Relations Political Communications 

* resigned as a member of the Group following his appointment as Director of Communications. 
John Hipwood

London Editor, Wolverhampton Express and Star

Rupert Howell

Recent Joint Chief Executive of Chime Communications plc

Howell James

Director, Brown, Lloyd James Ltd

Sian Jarvis

Communications Director, Department of Health

Sue Jenkins

Deputy Head of the Government Information Communication Service

Tom Kelly/Godric Smith

No. 10 Downing Street 

Charles Reiss

Political Editor, Evening Standard

Richard Tait

Director, Centre for Journalism Studies, Cardiff University

Nicholas Timmins

Public Policy Editor, Financial Times


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