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 How to submit your views?

We would like to receive your views organised if at all possible under the the five headings given in the call for views :

In writing: Please send your contributions to:

Paul Ballinger

Cabinet Office

Room 118

70 Whitehall




On-line: Please use the form below.

Contributions will be made available on this website. So please make clear if you want your contribution to be kept confidential. Those submitting on line should use the box provided.

It will greatly help the Committee if contributions could be submitted as quickly as possible and no later than 2 May. However, the Review Group will be more than happy to consider any evidence submitted after the this date, though all evidence must be received by Friday 30 May. 

Please note that the Review Group have now considered all the evidence received and are no longer taking any further evidence. Thank you to those who have provided contributions.  


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