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Draft Legislative Programme

Publishing the draft legislative programme is part of a drive to open up government, increasing awareness of how laws come about and improving the public's opportunity to have a say in that process.

Until now, the Government's legislative programme has been announced each year in the Queen's Speech. The Government wants to open up what has been a traditionally closed process, giving both Parliament and the public advance sight of what legislation the Government is planning.

On 11 July 2007, for the first time, the Prime Minister made a statement setting out a draft version of the legislative programme, several months ahead of the Queen's speech.

The Queen's Speech 2007 [External website] was presented to Parliament on 6 November 2007, describing the Government's legislative agenda [External website]for the next year and taking into account the outcomes of the 2007 consultation process.

Next year, the Government will look to consult early on with the public on a draft legislative programme and how we proceed will be informed by what we’ve learnt this year.

If you have early views on priorities for next year's programme, we welcome feedback from this point. We are also still keen to receive views on how we can improve the ways in which people are involved in the whole process of drafting legislation, from beginning to end.

Please send any comments you have to the Leader of the House of Commons via email or write to her at 26 Whitehall. London, SW1A 2WH.

The aim of this process is to help promote stronger accountability of the government to parliament and greater engagement between the government and the people. It forms part of a wider package of reforms set out in the Governance of Britain [External website] Green Paper published on 3 July.

More information about the legislative process can be found on the UK Parliament [External website] website.