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Rogers Review of Local Authority Regulatory Priorities

The recommendations of the Rogers Review – to set the national enforcement priorities for local regulatory services – have been accepted in full by the Government on publication as part of the March 2007 budget.

The review team identified over 60 policy areas enforced by local authorities; an initial sift identified 24 key policy areas for which more detailed evidence was sought, focusing on risk and effectiveness. In carrying out the review, the views of Government departments, local authorities, citizens and business were considered.

The review:

Five national priorities for local authority enforcement

A clear set of priorities will help local authority regulatory services to deliver high quality services to businesses and citizens, and demonstrate the crucial role they play in their local communities.

Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO)

The review makes repeated recommendations in connection to the work of the Local Better Regulation Office. The Better Regulation Executive will publish a consultation document later in the spring which will set out in detail proposals regarding the statutory powers and functions of the LBRO.

Rogers Review report