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e-Government Unit

eGU’s mission is:

‘ensuring that IT supports the business transformation of Government itself so that we can provide better, more efficient, public services.’ The Prime Minister, Tony Blair

The e-Government Unit (eGU) is the largest unit in the Cabinet Office. We are responsible for

Transformational Government – Implementation Plan

‘Transformational Government – Enabled by Technology’ front cover

The Government published ‘Transformational Government – Enabled by Technology’ in November 2005. The strategy set out how effective use of technology to deliver services designed around the needs of citizens and businesses can make a real difference to people’s lives. This implementation plan describes the actions taken since publication and the tasks to be completed by July 2007.

Directgov and independent research undertaken by Tickbox in February 2006

Recent research published by Directgov points to a new era in the use of the internet that experts are calling the ‘Supersite‘ phenomenon.