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The Modernising Government programme is the Government's agenda for modernising Public Services. It is led by the Minister for the Cabinet Office.

The first Modernising Government annual report Citizens First was published on Wednesday 13th September 2000. The report captures the spirit of the modernisation programme, with over 45 examples of how the Government’s strategic vision has been translated into real action: better government to make life better for people.

Modernising government is a long-term project, which will transform the face of public services. Putting citizens first by ensuring public services are accessible to all. Overcoming barriers by shifting the focus of public services to the user’s viewpoint. By joining government up to deliver better policies and seamless, quality services, thanks to public servants working better together. By using information age approaches to do this – and valuing public service at its true worth.

For details of who is leading Modernising Government and how the Cabinet Office is shaping the programme click here. And for more details of how individual government departments are modernising, you can access their websites via

Finally, we welcome feedback, whether observations or questions – both on Modernising Government and on this website. Please email us your comments.

Welcome to the era of modernisation for a purpose - making life better for people.…


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