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Effective Performance Division

The Effective Performance Division (EPD), within the Modernising Public Services Group, aims to improve the effectiveness and quality of public services.   In doing this it works closely with the Treasury.  In particular, it supports cross-boundary approaches to improvement in the public sector, through, for example, benchmarking, and performance measurement and the Invest to Save Budget. It also promotes innovation, partnership working and risk management in the wider public sector.

As the successor to the Next Steps Team it remains the lead authority on Executive Agency policy across Government. It also has lead responsibility for the Better Quality Services programme. 

The following are key areas of the Division's Work:

Audit and Inspection
Public Sector Excellence Programme
Better Quality Services  
Executive Agency Links 
Invest to Save Budget (external link - updated with details of Round 4)  
Measurement and Performance Project (MAPP)
Guidance on Agency and NDPB Quinquennial Reviews  
Public Finance Public Servants of the Year Awards (external link)  
Public Sector Benchmarking Project (external link)
TNT Modernising Government Partnership Award (external link) This Award is designed to encourage innovation and best practice in the public sector by increasing both the use of the EFQM Excellence Model and partnership working. It will complement existing Cabinet Office quality programmes, such as Charter Mark and the Public Sector Excellence Programme and make a major contribution to our objectives of spreading best practice and recognising excellence.

Effective Performance Division publications

Last updated: 4 July 2001

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