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The Final Report of the Independent Review of Government Communications was published on Monday 19 January. A copy of the Report and further details can be obtained from the News page.

This review was launched in February 2003 when the Government accepted a proposal by the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee that there should be a radical and external review of government communications.

The Review Group is chaired by Bob Phillis (Chief Executive of the Guardian Media Group plc) and brings together a team with experience and expertise in print and broadcast journalism, corporate communications in the private sector, and government communications. Three quarters of the members of the Group are external to Government.

Announcing the review, Cabinet Office Minister, Douglas Alexander, noted the Government's democratic duty to communicate its policies and hold an effective dialogue with the public. The Review Group will aim to to deliver recommendations that will help improve this dialogue and thereby the working of our democratic system in a global communications environment.

A key part of the review is to understand how the public and the media see things and what both of them expect  from Government communications systems. The Group wants to hear from the general public and the media - please click on How to submit your views




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