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Foot and Mouth Review: 2007

The report of the independent Review into the outbreak of Foot and Mouth in 2007 is published today. The Review was chaired by Dr Iain Anderson who also chaired the 2002 Inquiry into the 2001 outbreak. This site provides links to the Review report itself, as well as the notes of the interviews carried out by the Review team and submissions made to the Review.

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Full Report - Foot and Mouth 2007: Review

The full report of the Foot and Mouth 2007: Review is also available to download by section. Please follow the links below to the relevant section of the review.


Following the recent outbreak of foot and mouth disease identified in Surrey in August 2007, the Prime Minister has asked Dr Iain Anderson to look at the Government's response to the outbreak (Dr Anderson chaired the previous Inquiry into the 2001 outbreak). The terms of reference for the Foot and Mouth Review: 2007 are:

To conduct a review of the Government's handling of the outbreak of foot and mouth disease during 2007, in order to:

and to make recommendations by the end of 2007 to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on the future handling of foot and mouth disease outbreaks.

The independent Review is now beginning its formal programme of work. Dr Anderson will be supported by a small secretariat of staff chosen from across Government and externally. The Review welcomes views from everyone about the recent outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

The Review will be independent. Its central objective is to establish those areas where lessons identified in the 2002 Inquiry were learned and implemented as well as whether new lessons might be drawn from the handling of the 2007 outbreak.

Comments via e-mail about the outbreak and its handling should be sent to:

Written comments should be sent to:

The Secretary
Foot and Mouth Review: 2007
Room 3.21
26 Whitehall
London SW1A 2WH

The closing date for receipt of information is Friday 16 November 2007.

The Review into the Foot and Mouth disease outbreak of 2007 is now planning to report towards the end of February 2008. The Review Team has received over 70 submissions from organisations and individuals as well as the Government and its Agencies.

Press release about the Foot and Mouth Review