When the BBC and Sky refused to run DEC's appeal for Gaza, we issued statements, appeared on TV and spoke out on radio defending the DECs ability to deliver in a non-partisan way.

Charity requirements and guidance

This section brings together all our published guidance, reports, factsheets and other resources.

  • Start up a charity - what you need to know if you're thinking of forming a charity
  • Our research - we inform the principles we apply as a regulator through our research programme
  • Charity essentials - your duties as a charity trustee and how to run your charity effectively
  • Charity accounting and reporting - what you need to send to us each year, how detailed your charity's accounts and report need to be and why they are essential
  • Charity governance - the principles of good governance, plus detailed guidance on managing your charity's resources, managing risk and environmental responsibility
  • Charity activities - how to remain independent and for the public benefit, and how you can get maximum benefit for your beneficiaries by working with other charities
  • Specialist guidance - tailored information and resources for different sizes and types of charity, plus resources for charity advisers, local authorities and other audiences

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