Preparing your Annual Return

The Annual Return is normally made available online the day after the charity’s financial year-end. If you haven’t submitted this within the first few months, we will remind you that your form is ready to complete. This will be sent by email if you have given an email address for us to contact you, otherwise it will be sent by post.

If your financial year-end has changed and you haven’t told us on the previous return, you need to let us know. This will allow us to make the right form available at the appropriate time and ensure that we do not send you reminders when a form is not due. You can do this by using the View/Amend Charity Details facility once you have logged on using the button below.

This section explains when trustees have to send us their Annual Returns and provides guidance on the information you need to provide in different parts of the form:

Sending us your Annual Return

Once you're ready to send us your Annual Return, the simplest and most secure way to do this is online.

  login to complete your Annual Return and/or submit your TAR and accounts.

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