Annual income over £1 million

Income over £1,000,000

Charities with an annual income over £1 million must send us:

Annual Return
  • Part A – Charity information
  • Part B – Financial information
  • Part C – Summary information return
  • Reporting serious incidents
Trustees’ Annual Report (TAR) and accounts


loginto complete your Annual Return and/or submit your TAR and accounts


Part A – Charity information

This information forms part of the charity's entry on the Register, and includes key areas such as contact and trustee details as well as income and expenditure.

Part B - Financial information

This contains detailed financial information about your charity. You will need a final version of the published accounts and the section should be completed by someone who is familiar with them. The information given is displayed on the charity’s Register entry in a graphical form to illustrate the income, spending and assets of the charity.

Part C - Summary information return (SIR)

The SIR provides an easily accessible summary of your charity’s key aims, activities and achievements. It is displayed on the charity’s entry on our web Register to help the public understand what your charity does and how it has performed. You have to submit Parts A and B of the Annual Return before Part C is made available online.

Reporting serious incidents

In completing the form, trustees must confirm that there are no serious incidents or other matters that they should report and have not already brought to our attention. Our guidance on Reporting serious incidents priovides more information.

Trustees' Annual Report (TAR) and accounts

When you submit the return online, you can attach the TAR and accounts. They may be in a combined document or separate documents, but must be in PDF format. Our guidance on preparing Trustees' Annual Reports and accounts provides more information.

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